Redefining the Closet through

Self-Expression – Style – Networking – Philanthropy

LES Downtown is Redefining the Closet, by creating styles that encourage self-expression, acceptance, unity, and community amongst all women. We aim to provide a personal, exclusive, shopping experience at our intimate one-stop-queer shop where we offer a unique variety of services. We carry a library of the finest textiles to create made- to-wear bespoke suits for the Androgynous, Transgender & The In-Between. In addition we have a Salon, which caters to the beautifying of our clients on any given day and specializing in wedding hair essentials including updos and pampering.  Our showroom has all that, and is not limited to unique queer items such as baby books geared towards children with same sex parents, greeting cards for LGBTQ lovers and more. LES Downtown is a brand that is rooted in, and inspired by the eclectic New York City Lower East Side; However  "moving on up", our appointment only boutique is located on the luxurious waterfront strip situated on Kent Avenue.