Redefining the Closet through

Self-Expression – Style – Networking – Philanthropy


LES Downtown
LES Downtown is a signature apparel and accessory brand rooted in and inspired by New York City’s eclectic Lower East Side. Balancing a mix of androgyny and femininity, the line produces trendy and timeless designs for all women, queer or otherwise, who believe in the freedom of self-expression. Since its launch in fall 2012, LES Downtown has branched out to include two sister brands, CityHall and Downtown Baby.

CityHall is a collection of custom-tailored formal wear exclusively designed for your special day. Created with the modern, style-conscious woman in mind, CityHall aims to provide quality nontraditional wedding attire, including versatile neckwear and dapper accessories, from skinny ties to pocket squares and everything in between. Clients will also be able to experience the Standing Room, our own custom tailoring and alteration location, to ensure flawless fit and design.

Downtown Baby
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Downtown Baby in a baby carriage! From onesies to accessories and handmade crochet pieces, this collection of fun and funky kids’ wear will make your little one stand out while sending the message that two moms are greater than one.


At LES Downtown, our mission is to Redefine the Closet by creating styles that encourage self-expression, acceptance, unity, and community amongst all women.

At this stage of sartorial evolution, we aim to create designs that have backgrounds, personalities, and entire narratives surrounding their creation and aesthetic unlike any other product on the market. As consumers, we’re not just interested in the product anymore.We want the experience

.Through a series of personal narratives tied to several individual garments, LES Downtown aims to elevate the emotional connection tied to the consumer shopping experience while creating a visible and hip network of diverse people.


Label Fashion Not Women.

We believe that all-inclusivity is the key to positive progress.Through an unparalleled mash-up of creativity, self-expression and philanthropy, we hope to change the way society views sexual identity, and identity in general, for the better by labeling fashion not women.

BRAND DESIGN - The Circle with the Rainbow Plus

The logo represents our belief that love has no limits. Love should dwell in a place of positivity that shouldn’t be hindered because of gender or fear of judgment. The logo represents freedom of expression, freedom to love without labels, and freedom to be uniquely you. LES Downtown’s logo was created for all women in support of loving and living without labels.