CityHall Tuxedo's

Why drop a hundred bucks or so and schlep back and fourth from the rental joint for a suit that doesn't even fit you well?

Keep in mind that when you rent a tuxedo, it's a standard size made for "everyone" not you. If all size 8's had the same curves and bust size, made to measure would not play such an important role in fashion and we'd be out of business!

It makes sense to own, but before you walk in to buy a tuxedo, it's important to know the basics. For example, a salesperson will ask you questions such as, what kind of lapel you want, or if you want the jacket to be single or double breasted, weather or not you prefer a center or side vent and how many buttons you want. Then there's the trousers, pleated not pleated, vests, button downs and all their many collars, cuffs and monograms. Don't forget the accessories like; long tie or bow tie, cumber bun or suspenders & cuff links. In addition there is knowledge of fabric thread count and lining that makes up the quality of the tuxedo that is good for one to know.

Buying the perfect tuxedo can be overwhelming, but we've mastered a cheat sheet with all the basic information that includes the do's and the don'ts. We call it "Suits For Dummies".

Make an appointment, all consultations are free. Come check out our abundant library of textiles with the trendiest and classic patterns on the market.

Make choices that suit you best.