LD News: Fall ’14


Happy October! We hope you’re all well and getting in the spirit of fall (cozy stuff! Halloween! pumpkin spice!) There’s been a lot of new stuff going on at LD HQ and we’ve definitely got news to share. Here’s what we have for you:

  • In bittersweet news, we are discontinuing our Come On Out Monday segment – an enormous thank you to everyone who has read, shared and submitted. LES Downtown would not be what it is without your creativity and support. We love you!
  • Even though we’ll no longer be posting every Monday, we’re still collecting stories! If you would like to give your story the chance to accompany a piece from our new line, email it to info@lesdowntown.com.
  • Speaking of new line, we are excited to launch our ready-to-wear COMING OUT COLLECTION in the next couple months. The line will consist of four timeless basics (featuring, of course, the rainbow plus logo), sure to be staples in any girl’s closet! Stay tuned to our site & Facebook page for launch info!
  • To make room for the new line, our debut line has been discontinued. Visit our look book on Pinterest to take a peek at vintage LD!
  • The Come On Out Monday archive is still available on our Facebook Notes page.

Again, thank you all so much for your continued support & your patience with our growing pains! More to come soon!


The Ladies @ LES