Our Brands

LES DOWNTOWN (Bespoke Suits featuring Artist)
LES Downtown is a Bespoke Clothier Suiting brand that creates signature apparel, focusing on the perfect fit. You can find our artwear and accessories on our online shop. Rooted in and inspired by New York City’s eclectic Lower East Side. Balancing a mix of androgyny and femininity, the line produces trendy and timeless designs for all people, queer or otherwise, who believe in the freedom of self-expression.We feature creative artists around the world, by showcasing their designs on custom suits manufactured from scratch. The concept is allowing artists to display their work on garments using people as walking billboards. A touring gallery of fashion. Since its launch in fall 2012, LES Downtown has branched out to include a sister brand named CityHall Bespoke.

CITYHALL BESPOKE (Timeless, Classic Bespoke Suits)

CityHall Bespoke offers timeless pieces. A classic bespoke suiting brand label. Focusing on custom menswear style. Tailored clothing for the androgynous, geared to the fashion vibe of the LGBTQ+ community and all who support the lifestyle. Fit being our expertise, we cater to any body and anybody. Created with the modern, style-conscious person in mind. Offering custom-tailored formal menswear expertly constructed specifically for the body and curves of a woman.