The Brand

LES DOWNTOWN is an apparel collection featuring the CITYHALL label of bespoke menswear style tailored clothing for women, and an online shop of sportswear, accessories and baby wear geared to the fashion vibe of the LGBTQ+ community and all who support the lifestyle.

There are a handful of brands that offer custom bespoke suits for women, however what truly sets us apart from the rest with the CITYHALL label is that we try to steer away from the brand’s focal point being sexual preference or one's identity, and more on the one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that go into the bespoke menswear style.  We deliver the same experience that one would expect of any traditional men’s tailor, but with a sensibility and understanding of the complexities and dynamics of women — and not limited to lesbian preferences —  in suiting fabrics, accents, styling details, pattern, and color. As a woman raising daughters that have two Moms, I want to reach the entire family by offering a small but select number of sportswear, accessories and baby apparel pieces.

My goal is to "normalize" queer-ness. The LES DOWNTOWN brand and CITYHALL bespoke label are not for Queer people living in a Queer bubble but more Universal/mainstream. I created the LES DOWNTOWN brand design (rainbow Plus) with the thought of selling trendy pieces to the fashion forward minus all the flamboyant colors. Toned down pieces with just the logo to represent the LGBTQ+ community.  

The LES DOWNTOWN logo represents our belief that love has no limits. Love should dwell in a place of positivity that shouldn’t be hindered because of gender or fear of judgment. The logo represents freedom of expression, freedom to love without labels, and freedom to be uniquely you. In other words LOVE IS LOVE; feel my presence as I walk through the door with my new custom CITYHALL suit, without worrying about who I am or who I’m with.