The Founder


Being a Concierge/Doorperson for celebrity-studded luxury residential high risers in New York City for almost two decades, Lisa had to wear a tailored suit everyday. Her style has always emulated an androgynous feel. She became so comfortable in menswear that in 2013 when she was planning her same sex wedding, she knew early on that her vision was to walk down the aisle in a suit.  After picking out her suit, once shipped and tried on, the fit was all wrong. She searched high and low for a company that catered to constructing a made to wear suit built for the shape and curves of a woman. The mission was an epic fail to say the least. At the time, there were no other brands that offered this niche of a market. It was then that CityHall Bespoke was born through LES Downtown.

As the founder and visionary of LES Downtown, Lisa has opened and managed five brick and mortar shops, all brand related. She currently has one location in the East Village and offers mobile services. The company also offers Fashion Design Workshops, and Bespoke Suiting Workshops for education.
Lisa is the co-founder and President of a Non-Profit Organization, Power of One For All, which gives back to underprivileged and honor students within the fashion industry.

Heritage: Puerto Rican & Dominican