The Mission

What truly sets us apart is our creativity. We focus on the one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that go into the bespoke menswear style, renaming it "Queerwear".  We deliver the same experience that one would expect of any traditional men’s tailor, but with a sensibility and understanding of the complexities and dynamics of women — and not limited to lesbian preferences —  in suiting fabrics, accents, styling details, pattern, and color. Ultimately we are a genderless brand.



Our goal is to "normalize" queer-ness. We created the LES DOWNTOWN brand design (rainbow Plus) with the thought of selling trendy pieces to the fashion forward minus all the flamboyant colors. Toned down pieces with just the logo to represent the LGBTQ+ community.

At this stage of sartorial evolution, we aim to create designs that have backgrounds, personalities, and entire narratives surrounding their creation and aesthetic unlike any other product on the market. Consumers are not just interested in the product anymore, they want an experience.  For this reason we take great pride in our brick and mortar standing room suite,  even in a day and age where online shopping has taken presidency over a physical space. We believe that face time, and attention to detail offers the ultimate customer experience.

LES Downtown aims to elevate the emotional connection tied to the buyer's encounter while creating a tangible space for a hip network of diverse people.