What we Do


LES Downtown is proud to donate a portion of proceeds from sales to various charities. We have identified a number of organizations whose platforms are integral to the life of our community, and we hope our relationships with nonprofits continue to grow along with the size of our donations!

If you believe our vision is in line with your organization’s mission, we want to hear from you! Please email us your organization’s name, tax ID number, director’s name and contact number, as well as your website URL, if applicable.


We want to help however possible, whether it means sponsoring events, participating in auctions, volunteering or anything else. We don’t believe that charitable giving is a corporate responsibility and we don’t do it to benefit our image. We do it because we believe that when there’s a common cause, there’s strength in numbers.

We plan to feature news about the nonprofit organizations we promote on our website, as well as links directly to their pages. By fostering a partnership with us, nonprofit organizations can count on our team to fight for the common cause.


The models chosen in turn earn a commission from sales of their item and are encouraged to donate all, or a portion, of proceeds to a charity of their choice. Some items are numbered with a specific SKU on the garment’s hangtag that corresponds with a model’s real life queer related story. On the hangtag you’ll only see a snippet of the story. Only on LD’s social sites will you be able to retrieve the full story.